R4 - Road SRS Chain

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Renthal's R4 SRS Road chain is a specially developed sealed ring chain utilizing Renthal's Self Regulating Seal (SRS) technology to increase the service life of the chain in road applications. The special SRS ring is pre-loaded during assembly creating a spring effect.

As the chain wears, conventional O-rings and X-rings lose their seal integrity, whereas the SRS ring is designed to maintain itself during use, keeping a tighter seal against the side plates.

Renthal R4 Chain : Ultimate durability and performance

SRS Technology

SRS ring technology enhances chain flexibility and offers smoother operation than standard o-ring chains, whilst also increasing durability.

Quality Materials

All R4 SRS Road chains feature high alloy steel plates and pins, solid bushings and rollers, shot peened side plates for added strength and gold side plates

Improved Strength

Special quad riveting process and thicker outer plates increases overall strength

Pre Stretched

Chains come pre-stretched from the factory so less adjustment is needed during initial break in

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